SevenSails crew at the office....


It all started off with a few friends. We navigated crystal clear waters, island-hopped all the hotspots, danced the night away, chilled on deck and ground our heels into the fine sand during one of the many memorable clashes playing various beach sports.

Our friends kept on coming back – with their friends! And everyone always wanted more. The feedback was always positive and the number of people wanting to take part just kept on growing.

And so SevenSails was born: the sailing holiday of a lifetime – run by friends for friends.
Evolving into a lifestyle, an extended family of like-minded holiday-makers, SevenSails strikes a balance between exclusivity, accessibility and affordability. We now offer this unique experience to as many individuals as we can without diluting the recipe.

Our guests hail from all four corners of the world. Mostly between 25 and 35, they dislike the restrictive package deals that are planned down to the last detail, preferring the freedom of an independent holiday. SevenSails provides just that: a wide corridor of ports and possibilities to slowly meander down over the course of a week.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we don't bite :)

Seven Sails GmbH
Dufourstr. 90
8008 Zurich
Phone United Kingdom +44 207 770 6362
Phone Switzerland +41 44 534 6120
Phone Germany +49 30 52004 9070
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