Seven Days with SevenSails – the Holiday of a Lifetime!

Imagine it: you, your best friends and your own yacht for a week of sun, sea and sailing.
Every morning begins with a bursting sunrise over sparkling, new horizons. Every day
promises the excitement of exploring new coastlines and hidden-away bays. And each
evening is ushered in with a magical sunset.

How does it work?

  • Choose your friends
  • Choose your yacht
  • And set sail - it's that easy!

You may go your separate ways right from the start or arrange to travel as a group, maybe a regatta to get the adrenalin pumping? Come nightfall, you meet up to party at one of the SevenSails beach-bars. Or you choose to savour a private dinner at a restaurant in a secluded cove only accessible by boat. SevenSails is what you make it.

The yachts are accompanied by a special SevenSails crew boat, there to ensure everything runs smoothly. So if you need anything – the crew will sort you out.

And if you don’t feel like donning the captain’s hat? No worries, we have qualified skippers on hand. Our fleet of 35 yachts all sleep between 5 and 12 people – so there's a boat to suit both your budget and the size of your group.

So c’mon, it’s time to weigh anchor, hoist the sails and embark on the voyage of a lifetime with SevenSails!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we don't bite :)

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Phone Switzerland +41 44 534 6120
Phone Germany +49 30 52004 9070
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