We have an eye for exotic bays, fabulous beaches, picturesque harbours and idyllic fishing villages. Not to mention tasty restaurants and classy bars.

Follow one of our organised routes and enjoy a range of activities along the way. From regattas and water sports to barbecues, beach parties and clubbing in the best locations – there is something for everyone.

Or tack off-course and see a different, untouched side. Surround yourselves with the more intimate shores. Smuggle yourselves onto secluded beaches where you can relax and unwind in undisturbed tranquility.

Either way, our careful selection of destinations and routes always hits the mark. Spoilt for choice and can’t decide what’s next? Don’t despair. Our friendly skippers are always happy to help you choose your next destination and route. And yes, all our routes are easily navigable even for the inexperienced sailor.

From the islands, bays and beaches to the activities, clubs and restaurants – SevenSails always gets the right blend of ingredients for a perfect experience. Everything is tailored to your own individual fit – a summer holiday you’ll never forget!