Beach club on Spetses


Over 6,000 islands, azure-coloured water and pristine white villages perched upon craggy cliffs. The breath-taking beauty of Greece’s coastlines is best experienced aboard a yacht.

Greece is equal parts relaxation and excitement, beauty and history, exploration and peace. Discovering forgotten ruins; smooth relaxing afternoons at sea followed by the hedonistic night-life of the Greek isles or chilling round bonfires under the stars with cooled drinks.

SevenSails makes sure that you get nothing but the best of what Greece has to offer; so no matter how you experience the country, you will never forget it.

Taken from the masttop
Swimming in azure water
Poros, Greece at night
Relaxing at the beach restaurant
Sundowner aboard
Beach Bay on Poros
Jumping, swimming - a huge playground
Skipper on deck