Workout on board

Fitness & Yoga Escapes

Think of crystal-clear azure waters, breath-taking coastlines, picturesque island villages, nature at its best. All this explored aboard a yacht. Dreamy enough? Now add active sailing, daily barefoot cardio on the beach and mastering new yoga moves under the sun inhaling that sea breeze. If we made it even better, then keep reading, you are in the right place.

Where are we heading?

Greece. Little needs to be said. Dream destination for most, “every year on my list” for others, Greece has it all: The nature, the lusty waters, the historic aura, the lifestyle and nightlife, the mouth-watering cuisine. Literally, a nearby heaven.
You can’t experience the breath-taking beauty of Greece’s coastline better than aboard a yacht. And with SevenSails you are sure to get nothing but the best of what Greece has to offer;
Want to know more about the route? Starting from Athens, see the places you will be exploring in this fitness trip here.

When can I jump aboard?

These routes will be available again in Summer 2018. Stay tuned!

The fitness part!

Waking up to a different beach every day, we’ll have you powering through a choice of activities combined with the right amount of relaxation. Choice is yours:

  • Active sailing
  • Morning & afternoon workout sessions supervised by our experienced trainer
  • Morning & afternoon yoga sessions with our skilled yogi instructor
  • And, of course, there is always swimming and snorkeling at any time

As for the relaxation, you got plenty of ways to pick from: sunbathing, lying on the hammock, enjoying the sound of the sea outside your cabin, tasting the healthy delicacies the Mediterranean cuisine has to offer, jumping into the Greek nightlife with co-sailors.  

Booking & Prices

Forget about budget-blowing retreat holidays. With SevenSails, prices are far more reasonable than you expect. Our returning customers can confirm.
Pricing and bookings are not avaiable yet. Stay tuned!