Beach club on Spetses


Get ready!

It's time for you to start strolling through charming Greek villages, leaving footprints in unspoilt, silky white sand, and watching intense sunsets from the deck of a sailboat.


Day 1 - Cape Sounion (23nm, 4hrs)

Meet your skipper and crew upon your arrival to Athens, stow away your provisions and head for Cape Sounion where we‘ll drop anchor just below the striking Temple of Poseidon - a perfect occassion to get to know all of your fellow crew members.

If you can‘t make it out of marina in Athens today, don't worry, enjoy the evening at Kitchen Bar and commence early the next morning.

Day 2 - Kythnos (23nm, 4hrs)

Start your day with a refreshing dip in the sea and a hearty breakfast, and get ready to leave the Greek mainland behind to enter the magnificent Cyclades.

Our first stop is the beautiful island of Kythnos. Treat yourself and visit the hot springs, unwind on the sandy beach, or even head to some of the largest caves in Greece. Try dinner at the tavern overlooking Kolona bay - what an evening treat!

Day 3 - Naousa on Paros (53nm, 9hrs)

Whilst you are still sleeping soundly, your skipper silently sets an early sail for the island of Paros, in the centre of the Cyclades. Naousa is a stunning little town on Paros with a charismatic port, tastey Greek cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Steeped in history, meander through the narrow streets and soak up the authentic Greek atmosphere.

Day 4 - Anti Keri (34nm, 6hrs)

Being part of the Micro Cyclades, the tiny islands of Anti Keri are magically unique. The only sound you'll hear is turquoise waters lapping the secluded sands, a perfect place for a dip! Here we will spend the night in the wild, and we'll have a BBQ at the beach.

Day 5 - Koufonisia (10nm, 2hrs)

Say goodbye to Anti Keri as we set sail to Koufonisia, with its wild and rugged beaches. Take a walk around the island, swim in the crystal sea, bask in the care-free atmosphere, and relish being off the beaten tourist path.

Day 6 - Schinousa (11nm, 2hrs)

Indulge in more of Koufonisia's beauty as we swiftly move to the next magnificent bay. Relax, soak up the sun, or get your blood pumping with some of the water sports on offer.

A short sail takes us to Schinousa. Visit the renowned Church of Panagia Akathi, or even get involved in local tradition of donkey racing!

Day 7 - Antiparos (25nm, 4hrs)

A comfortable sail will take us to the glorious bays of Antiparos - a lucious beach, clear waters and sensational sunsets await you. It might be the last day for some of your crew; say farewell with a dinner aboard and look forward to the upcoming adventures - its only halftime, after all!


** Day 8 - Paros (24nm, 4 hrs)

An early start sees you to the port of Paros just in time for breakfast. Raise your pulse and visit the caves, try your hand at windsurfing or explore the island by scooter or quad.
Fresh bed linen and new crew await your arrival back. Get acquainted before heading to one of the local Ouzerias for the night!

Day 9 - Folegandros (34nm, 6hrs)

Today, enjoy a relaxing sail to Folegandros. Only 12km by 4km, Folegandros is one of the smallest islands, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty!

Definitely pay a visit to the clifftop chora and marvel at the breathtaking, panoramic views across the Aegean sea! On the evening, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the friendly local restaurants & bars.

Day 10 - Folegandros (7nm, 1hrs)

Folegandros' beauty keeps us captive for one more day, so take the opportunity to visit sights you've yet to see, or soak up the sun rays before we move to the gorgeous beach of Agali.

Get around and explore the island by scooter or quad before spending the night next to one of the coolest restaurants you'll see in the Aegean Sea!

Day 11 - Poliagos (15nm, 3hrs)

It’s time to make a slow start back to Athens, giving us the opportunity to stop in one of the most stunning bays of wild Poliagos. Keep your eyes open for superyachts, sharing in the secret of one of the most beautiful bays in the Cyclades. This evening, we’ll enjoy another appetizing meal aboard the boat.

Day 12 - Serifos (25nm, 4 hrs)

Serifos will take your breath away with rugged coast and multitude of beaches. Bask in the authentic Greek atmosphere, take in the sights by scooter, and immerse yourself in the old-world feeling this incredible island gives you.

Day 13 - Kythnos (27nm, 5 hrs)

Our final stop-over takes us back to Kythnos - get prepared to be blown away all over again! Tonight, reflect on your 2-week adventure as the sunset sweeps rainbow colours across the sky, take an evening swim and take in the beautiful surroundings. Enjoy a final dinner aboard your boat.

Day 14 - Alimos (45nm, 8hrs)

We won’t let the opportunity to swim in these crystal clear waters pass you by on your final day, stopping in one or another location to take a dip, eventually mooring again in the marina of Alimos.

Head to one of the local bars for a farewell knees-up with your skippers and your new friends, and recall your favourite, lasting memories together.

SevenSails itinerary - Cyclades