Anchors Aweigh!

Can‘t wait? Here‘s a brief description of the suggested route and of planned stop-overs to wet your appetite. But as with all things SevenSails, where you choose to drop anchor and which activities you take part in is entirely up to you. A week with SevenSails is what you make it: magical sunsets, regattas, historical sights, deserted beaches, fun and parties – just name it, it’s all there. So let‘s set sail!

Day 1: Providence (Mahé) - Sainte Anne

Set sails from the mooring base for your first taste of the Seychelles and enjoy lunch amongst a cluster of small picture perfect islands bordering the Sainte Anne Marine Park. You will have the opportunity to do some superb snorkelling and a chance to see the green and hawksbill turtels in their element. As the sun sets you can chose one of the many beautiful spots to drop anchor and decide whether you want to sample the local cuisine in one of the numerous restaurants or dine on deck under the stars.

Day 2: Sainte Anne - Praslin

On day two in Paradise you will leave Ste Anne behind you and head for Praslin. Do a quick stop over at Cousin Island to visit one of the Seychelles bird sanctuaries and see thousands of birds nesting on this tiny isle, sharing the space with lizards and tortoises. Awaiting you after this are some of the Seychelles' most stunning beaches and a UNESCO world heritage site which is home to the wondrous Coco-de-Mer palms. You won't want to miss the scenic bays including Anse Lazio (one of the world's most photographed beaches) and a wide array of restaurants, shops and other attractions.

Day 3: Praslin - Curieuse

Spend the morning discovering more of Praslin's beauty - go ashore or maybe even under water,just as your mood takes you. Stay curious and sail to Curieuse island. Formerly a leper colony, now a cruising paradise, Curieuse and the islets around it are a typical example why the Seychelles are ranked amongst the top travel destinations. This island, part of the Marine National Park, offers  a gorgeous marine life, mangrove forests, a museum and turtles basking in the sun. Barbecues on the beach are popular, so SevenSails will join in the tradition and organize our own!

Day 4: Curieuse - La Digue

Today it is time to say good-bye Curieuse and hello La Digue. We suggest you also nod in the direction of Coco Islands - this island group is breathtaking even by Seychelles standards. See how the ochre coloured rocks harmonize with the bright green vegetation, the white sands and the turquoise waters... Then discover what happens when time stands still and explore La Digue's laid back charm and stunning views by ox cart, bicycle or on horseback. After sunset, you can dine at Tarrosa bar listening to live music or, alternatively, let yourself be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.

Day 5: La Digue - Praslin

As it is clearly impossible to visit all of Praslin's attractions in one go, it deserves another day, so you have the opportunity to be once again overwhelmed by this island's beauty. On the way you may want to spend half a day savouring the delights of Grand Soeur Island. This privately owned island features beautiful beaches for swimming and snorkelling and should you get peckish or thirsty you can visit the Reef Bar for some fresh seafood and a refreshing cocktail (or two...). 

Day 6: Praslin - Port Launay (Mahé)

Day 6 takes us back to the start. Well, nearly... Discover the other side of Mahé and anchor in one of the bays or in the quiet Port Launay for a visit to the mainland. We suggest you sail via Silhouette island though. In contrast to many others in the Seychelles, it is of vulcanic origin, mountainous and offers nearly untouched nature. All you need to do is take a walk. It is also rumoured that a treasure is buried on the island, so maybe you find something on your stroll...

Day 7: Port Launay (Mahé) - Providence (Mahé)

Your last day with us in Paradise will take you around Mahé island with plenty of stops for some last dips in the ocean back to our port of origin. In the evening, back in port, SevenSails hope that you will join them for a last supper in a restaurant to exchange all your impressions and phone numbers with your new friends. 

SevenSails Route Seychelles
Sitting on a tree
Rocks on La Digue
Yacht at Mooring
At the beach
Coco Island