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Prices & Booking

What's included?

No hidden costs!

Seven Sails doesn’t believe in secrets and nasty surprises, so we make sure all costs are clear and transparent from the start. And we don’t bite, so if there’s something you’re unsure about, just ask.

The following is included in the basic price of your booking

  • Yacht rental
  • Yacht & Deposit insurance
  • Participation in all group events provided by SevenSails
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Sheets, blankets and towels (we recommend bringing your own beach towel)
  • End of week cleaning
  • GPS and marine charts
  • Gas on board for cooking
  • All taxes

Deposit insurance
All of our offers include a deposit insurance, which limits the liability in case of a damage to the boat to 500 €.


Our yachts come with a skipper who will take you around safely. Please note that you will be obliged to feed and water him. Three meals a day and plenty of non-alcoholic drinks should keep this vital member of your crew going. And don’t forget: The skipper is only responsible for navigating and sailing the yacht – not serving you drinks on deck. 

Additional Costs


We’re sorry, but we don’t have any planes – only yachts – so we can’t help you with flights. However we can help with transfer to and from the airport.

Food and beverages
Most places along our routes have affordable restaurants, a main dish will usually set you back around €10.
You’re welcome to cook on board and the local markets are a great place to get fresh
And you can always place an order with the SevenShoppers service if you feel like being

Costs vary depending on the harbour you’re anchored in. We recommend stocking up on the basics in the starting marinas as the prices there are very reasonable.
Or opt for our initial stocking service and we’ll sort out your basic provisions before you arrive.

The amount of fuel used by your yacht depends entirely on how much you use the engine. Average consumption is about 10 litres per hour. One week usually averages at about €100 - €150 for the whole group.

Port fees
Port fees (per yacht & night) vary in Greece from €2 to €10. It all depends on how often you spend the night in a harbour – you could easily limit this to just two or three nights.

We do offer the SevenSails water taxi service. So, if you decide to anchor in a bay and want to attend a few parties at a harbour nearby, for example, we can arrange for the water taxi to pick you up. The cost for the taxi will depend on distance.

In General
What you spend depends entirely on how modestly or lavishly you shape your holiday. A
savvy traveller can keep the costs down to around €200 per person.
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