Skippering with SevenSails

Join us!

  • Are you a skipper with sound sailing experience?
  • Can you guide unskilled and first-time sailors in handling up to 57ft yachts?
  • Are you outgoing and enjoy meeting new people?
  • Can you ensure seven days of sailing are as smooth and relaxed as possible?

We want to ensure that our guests have an easy and relaxed introduction to the world of
yachting. Providing them with a friendly and skilled skipper is extremely important.

So if the answers to the above questions are yes, please send us your application and we will get back to you.

What it's like

Working as a SevenSails skipper blends sailing with the company of relaxed people. As skipper you’ll spend seven day stretches sailing some of the most beautiful coastlines with awesome people from all around the world.

You are responsible for navigating and sailing the yacht safely along the route chosen by the guests. You are not expected to clean, cook or anything else of that nature.

You will enjoy genuinely fun and chilled times with the SevenSails crew and our guests – your new friends!

What you get

You will live with our guests on the yacht for free and, depending on the yacht, either share a cabin or get a single bunk bed. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are included and will be provided onboard. You are also welcome to participate in any of the SevenSails events.

In addition to all of this, you are insured and will receive €300 remuneration per week.